About Us

National Vehicle Protection Services, Inc. was founded in June of 2007 specializes in vehicle protection plans and extended auto warranty policies. 

Our number one goal is our customer retention. NVPS strives to earn your business and become your extended vehicle protection plan provider for every vehicle you may own. We will do what it takes to gain your trust and provide you the peace of mind that when your vehicle does break down, you can feel confident because you are covered with an auto protection plan with National Vehicle Protection Services. Every protection plan extension specialists is licensed through the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. NVPS is also proud to become a Certified Gold Member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA). Beyond our own association membership, the providers whom we offer the extended protection plans have also been recognized by the VPA as reputable and well recognized companies. Work with a company you can believe in when it comes to the protection of your vehicle. National Vehicle Protection Services, Inc. knowledgeable representatives will ensure you understand your policy and is dedicated to you full satisfaction.

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Dedicated To Your Satisfaction

Our extended protection plan specialists are dedicated to providing you with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. You may hold us to that. Backed by many years of experience, our knowledgeable team of customer service representative are on hand to answer any questions you may have and will spend the time to ensure your understanding. Give us a call toll free at (877) 515-9966 and speak with one of our friendly and professional vehicle protection specialist.

Recognized Business Practices

The Vehicle Protection Association was created to keep the integrity in this industry and encourage moral and ethical values when you are speaking with a customer. Every provider NVPS offers, including ourselves, adhere to the VPA Standards of Conduct and proudly support the VPA to maintain credibility. You may visit the Vehicle Protection Association website to learn more about what they offer at www.vpanet.org.

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Why Purchase A Vehicle Protection Plan From NVPS?

People rely on their automobiles more than ever. Whether it’s for getting to and from work, dropping the kids off at school or at after-school activities, or an array of other purposes, our vehicles are vital to our daily functioning. However, with the ever-increasing costs of vehicle repairs and too many ‘less-than-scrupulous’ mechanics out there, keeping your car running at its peak can be difficult. Having noticed this unfortunate trend for quite some time, National Vehicle Protection Services, Inc has made it their mission to educate the consumer of rising labor rates and increasing minor and major repairs. It has become very important to NVPS not only to protect every customer from the large repair bills but to ensure that every customer understands their policy from front to back. Our employees go through an extensive and rigorous three week training program before they are allowed to speak with a consumer that contacts NVPS. All of our service protection specialists have the ability to answer any question you may have and the knowledge to explain your whole policy thoroughly. Whether you require minimal or maximum coverage for your vehicle, one of our specialists will be here to protect your vehicle and your budget. For regular updates, be sure to follow NVPS on Facebook.